TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE: Yoga & Detox Challenge | 改变生活大作战:瑜伽排毒挑战

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WHEAT和Dragon Space锁啦!我们将一起为你带来改变生活的神奇机会。 WHEAT & Dragon Space have partnered and worked hard to bring you this amazing chance to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. WHEAT是一家健康食品餐厅,也是一家排毒冰沙酒吧,专注于膳食计划、食品配送和健康的生活方式挑战。不论是工作繁忙的都市人,或是健康生活、健身爱好者,都是我们忠实的顾客,充分认可对我们的品牌、食谱、小吃、饮料和营养师的建议。 WHEAT is a healthy wholesome food restaurant and detox smoothie bar, focusing on meal plans, wholesome food deliveries and healthy lifestyle challenges. Busy customers and healthy and fitness aficionados a like are loyal […]


2018 Top Workouts & Shanghai Guide | 2018健身趋势

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We have talked about calories and healthy foods in our previous articles, so we thought it was time we shared with you the most popular workout trends for this year. Combine those tips you got about your diet with some delicious Wheat meals and some of these workouts and you are good to go! 在之前的文章中,我们介绍了卡路里和健康食品,今天,我们将继续分享和健康有关的话题——今年最流行的健身趋势。饮食秘诀+Wheat膳食+合理运动,你准备好新的健康之旅了吗? Be sure […]