Summer Challenge Success: July NEW DATES | 夏季挑战赛成功:7月新日期

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Summer body challenge, up to 25% off! No cooking. No grocery shopping. No ‘trying’ to stick to a healthy diet. It’s never been so easy: 70% delivered to you daily! 没有做饭。没有杂货店购物。没有’试图’坚持健康的饮食。它从未如此简单:70%每天送到您的手中! WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE? 他们的服务包括什么? 🥙Breakfast – Lunch – Afternoon Snack – Dinner. 🛵Delivered to you daily. 🍴Ready to eat. ✂️Calorie & portion controlled meals. 👩‍🍳Nutritionist […]


2019 Detox Challenge is OUT!

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CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE   The new year is here, and WHEAT is here with you! If you’ve been wanting to start the year adopting a healthier lifestyle, having a more balanced diet, loosing those extra kilos you’ve always wanted or those few gained during the holidays, this is YOUR CHANCE. This challenge is specially designed to RESET our mind and bodies, the way […]


World Cup Fitness Madness | 世界杯结束了,你的体重还好吗?

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The World Cup has come to an end and we are left with bittersweet memories that will stay with us until we come together as football fanatics again for Qatar 2022. 世界杯已经结束,留下了的回忆苦乐参半。但这些回忆会一直伴随我们,直到我们再次相约卡塔尔2022年世界杯,重新点燃激情,为足球疯狂。 And while we might have been (over)indulging in beer and snacks, these football players followed strict training and dietary regimes that allowed them to be at […]

Meal Plans

SUMMER SALE 800RMB OFF | 夏日特惠800元打折

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Have you ever considered doing your own meal prep but never having the time? Are you going on your summer holiday soon and are not feeling quite as body-comfortable as you wished? Don’t fret… that’s what Wheat’s Meal Plans are here for! 想自己做饭但从来没有时间?即将开启夏日假期,但身材却不尽如人意?不要担心…WHEAT 膳食计划就是为了你们而打造的! Join our Meal Plan SUMMER SALE now! 立即加入我们的夏日特惠膳食计划! READ FULL ARTICLE HERE