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Staying healthy is hard, especially in a city like Shanghai. Between long workdays, countless social obligations and endless dining options, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But don’t worry, WHEAT has the perfect solution for those of you who are looking to focus on your health.

Have you heard of WHEAT healthy eatery in Shanghai?

WHEAT is a healthy fast food platform that delivers wholesome food, detox beverages and meal plans right to your door! With the help of a team of great nutritionists, WHEAT focuses on creating wholesome and nutritionally rich recipes, as well as meal plan programs and lifestyle challenges.

Just head over to their digital restaurant ( or visit one of their healthy kiosks. Their newest kiosk was recently unveiled in North Jing’an at 1990 Xinzha Lu, by Wanghandu Lu. Each kiosk location has a small indoor bar and a cozy terrace where you can enjoy the summer sun. To save time, you can order via your phone in advance and select self-pickup or enjoy it at the eatery.

WHEAT’s menu consists of healthy power breakfasts ranging from acai and smoothie bowls (RMB48) to avocado toasts (RMB58) to omelets (RMB58). Everything is available onsite or for delivery. Diners can enjoy 20% off breakfasts and smoothies every Saturday and Sunday. Just head over to their website or WeChat account (WheatCo) to order.

Their menu features amazing salads and healthy bowls with options like the Saigon Noodle Bowl (RMB58)Greek Power Bowl (RMB48) and the best-selling Black Rice Salmon Power Bowl (RMB78).

You can currently choose to Create Your Own Meal. There are plenty of healthy options including proteins, veggies, carbs and healthy fats. As of next month, diners will have the option to Create Your Own Power Bowl.

In their Pasta & Wraps section you’ll find delicious and healthy Chicken Taco Wraps (RMB58) and Falafel Love Wraps (RMB50), for all you veggie lovers.

In the Healthy Desserts & Bakery section you have options from Avocado Bread (RMB20) to Keto Muffins (RMB30) to a thick and deliciously healthy version of French 80% Dark Chocolate Mousse (RMB30). Don’t forget their popular Protein Bites, available in chocolate or vanilla (RMB38).

Their detox juices and protein smoothies are super popular, with the favorites being the Ultimate Detox Juice (RMB45)Protein Matcha Smoothie (RMB50)Coconut Kale (RMB50)Detox Avocado Smoothie (RMB45) and Immunity Booster (RMB40).

For protein coffees and detox teas, they have your typical Skinny (RMB23) and Coconut Cappuccino (RMB32) without forgetting your Skinny Matcha and Chai Lattes (RMB30) and Protein Vanilla or Chocolate Mocha (RMB38). Best of all, you can have them all hot or cold depending on the season. Not to mention, all beverages are available for delivery.

Now what about their Meal Plans? WHEAT’s Meal Plans are a great option for busy Shanghai citizens, athletes, health aficionados and anyone who cares about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle without having to spend the time and energy to prep healthy delicious meals day after day.

They have a great variety of options from RegularKetogenicVegetarianGluten & Dairy Free and Detox. From these categories, you can select your ideal daily calorie intake ranging from 1,300 calories to 2,500 calories. However, if you are not sure what is best for you, WHEAT provides a free nutritional consultation form, which are looked over by their nutritionists who will get back to you with their recommendation based your characteristics and goals.

So what do these meal plans consist of? They include breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and delivery (within 5 kilometers of their North Jing’an location). However, you can select no breakfast, no lunch or no dinner. Prices range from RMB165 to RMB265 a day. WHEAT is extremely flexible, since they deal with many busy clients in Shanghai, so you can buy daily or monthly meal plans. You can even switch between plans every week and cancel or reschedule any plan by emailing them 24-hours in advance.

Why sign up for a meal plan? Well, there are two main reasons to join. The first is for those who have a specific goal such as weight loss or muscle gain. The second is if you simply want to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle but don’t have the time or energy to cook for yourself four times a day.

If you have any questions visit their website at where you’ll find a short description of each meal plan or email Customer service agents are always happy to help.

Also, keep an eye of out for their Meal Plan Challenges!

This month WHEAT will be extending their Detox & Slimming Spa Challenge until September 13. So head to their accounts to check it out!

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