How was your favorite digital restaurant created?

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WHEAT at La French Tech Shanghai, March 2019 Meet our entrepreneur of the week:  Benjamin Patin from WHEAT When he arrived in China, Benjamin was only 20 years old, freshly graduated from high school and absolutely no knowledge of Chinese’s culture and language. Ten years later, our entrepreneur of the week is now fluent in […]


2019 Detox Challenge is OUT!

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CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE   The new year is here, and WHEAT is here with you! If you’ve been wanting to start the year adopting a healthier lifestyle, having a more balanced diet, loosing those extra kilos you’ve always wanted or those few gained during the holidays, this is YOUR CHANCE. This challenge is specially designed to RESET our mind and bodies, the way […]


设定生活方式的目标 | Lifestyle Goals

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近年来,人们对于健康的饮食越来越重视……但饮食并不是生活中影响我们健康的唯一因素。 In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on having a healthy diet… but a diet is not the only thing in our lives that affects our wellbeing. 生活方式的小小改变也会在短期和长期给你带来诸多好处。 Making these small changes to your lifestyle will bring you benefits both in the short and long-term. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE